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#BlueNose🚹🎩 VS F3line😺 Written By Yours Truly💅

Nigga you ain’t nothing but a “dog”! She always say. Like “Every dog has their day” That day usually never comes. And when it does that bitch name #Karma done paid you a visit. She’s a unwelcome guest but she come to pay that ass a #RealityCheck. Only to make you (my personal opinion) never to break you. That #BlueNose will stray, if down get back on the goodfoot and move on💪⬆🔝 Whether in a pack or for self 9/10 he will be ok👌 Now don’t get me wrong it’s a few strong ones left within this specific breed. They are called #Bitch💅 AkA the” female dog”. That’s a strong, wise, smart, head-strong, worldly, feisty, “take a licking and keep on ticking kind of girl. She is bitter. Sometimes she’s not. If she bitter she is what you called maybe a Crab🦀, A deer🚦or a damn duck🐥(QUUAAACCK) Either complaining about the same repetitive behavior of the #BlueNose, or she is a tarnished worn out mean cougar who is done trying💔. Blaming the #BlueNose of course. Stop and think🤔💡 If you enable and except a individuals behavior over and over again, and all you do is talk and threaten how you are tired of the #BullShit I’m going to end up leaving you👉✌ and you still in the same spot talking 💭 Its now your decision and your choice on what you need to do for you. With that being said you have to take responsibility for SELF-DOING. Don’t blame the #BlueNose for making you some insane banchee going through phones, stalking the social media accounts, burning and bleaching clothes, leaving voicemails/Pulling up trying to stop the #BlueNose from going a “stray” And having a open kennel for him to come home to so you can pet him and let him know how you don’t like his new tricks! Own it! You making yourself crazy. You making yourself miserable. You making yourself cry and harbor hatred for the #BlueNose when in all reality it’s YOUR very own personal decision to keep that #BlueNose chained up (mentally) or for you to let the #BlueNose continue to “stray”! They said that you “can’t teach a old dog new tricks” right? So why are you trying to change him? Or waiting on him to change? What? Tricks? Options are available.( Even the #BlueNose knows that🙄) The #BlueNose didn’t make you stress yourself out to the point you look drained from LOVE😱💘YOU DID🎯 Don’t go blaming the #BlueNose for that. #BlueNose is only doing what he knows and is accustomed to and what he is allowed to do. You have the option of many, but you chose to be stressed, angry, sad, lonely, hurt, miserable, and unhappy. That #BlueNose didn’t choose those feelings and emotions for you. YOU DID! Don’t burden that #BlueNose with your YOUR continuous bad habits (HIM) #BlueNose didn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do. His actions (#Tricks)
Is the cause. What’s the effect? Only YOU can decide. Will you let the action of a person take you so far out that you have lost your mind, body, and soul? Will you let the action of someone effect your mental, spiritual, everyday living, your life, your freedom? If so I gotta tell you something. YOU DID that. Not no one else but you. Stop blaming that #BlueNose. He went a “stray”? Stop searching. He switched up on you? Switch Owners on his ass! That #BlueNose didn’t hurt you so bad you don’t ever want to love again. Don’t be giving out extra #ScoobySnacks (Power/Credit/Leverage) to these #BlueNose characters. Only reason they can cause that affect on you or your life is you. Since when did the #BlueNose walk it’s owner? 🤔 YOU set the daily life routine and the #BlueNose adapts to your way of living. If not… Off to the #DogPound Or Keep wishing on a star your #BlueNose will form into a MAN someday. Remember something only cats have 9 lives.. But All dogs go to heaven⛅⛅⛅ Don’t miss out on life blaming the #BlueNose. Only to end up worse than the #BlueNose. Just BLUE 🔵⭕

 Nyema mac
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 Nyema mac
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